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Are you tired of claiming free satoshi hourly in freebitcoin?  There's a way to do that automatically.  All you need is a computer (a laptop or android device) with internet access and it is turned on 24/7 to claim free satoshis hourly automatically.  Comply the requirements to unlock bonuses to play without captchas.  Then auto-roll script will run effectively when your account has no captcha.

60% Shared of 50% Commission Is Your 30% Increase Weekly

Register an account through my link that you might gain 30% increase through my 60% shared of 50% commission from my referrals' activity.  I am generous referer that I give more shared commission to referrals than myself.  Referrals get 60% of 50% Commission and I only get 40% of it.

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  2. Besides free bitcoin hourly, I will share to you my rare Auto-Roll & Auto-Redeem 100RP/Roll Bonus script to earn additional 100,000 RPs that can be exchanged to 0.001 BTC (100,000-satoshi) every 3 months.
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  4. I give advice also when you’re a beginner.



freebitcoin Scripts for Sale

600 Scripts to play Multiply BTC
These are more than 600 scripts to choose for gambling in freebitcoin.  Gambling is risky investment.  It is not always winning.  There is also losing as a consequence of the risk of gambling.

It's hard to gamble by Manual Bet or by Auto-Bet. Sometimes I mistakenly set the wrong amount which are always the causes of my loss. I converted all the auto-bet settings for different bet odds to gamble effectively. Through these scripts with different settings, mistakes for settings are avoided. Buy my 600-script for only 0.002 BTC

Download the "
MultiplyBTC.rar" and extract it.

Its password shall be given to those who are willing to pay 0.002BTC directly to my BTC Wallet Address:  3GhrsCvh8YPTgkzd84zHDXsHKqeqz47Jiw
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Auto-Multiply BTC Hourly
Click here to see video demo.

These are scripts for playing "Multiply BTC" hourly. They require Tampermonkey extension installed on your browser.  You may install all of these  but never activate them all at once. Choose only one among these to employ it. It plays Multiply BTC for 1-minute hourly after rolling free dice.

Use any script for 3 to 5 hours only. Overusing the script will surely cause the loss of your BTC balance. I have tried to use this script for more than 8 hours and I lost some of my BTC balance. Use any script once a week.

Never rely with any script. You may gamble once a week to play safely. Gambling once daily is not safe anymore. We profit more by rolling free dice hourly. In free dice roll, we always win 100% the free satoshi hourly.

If you accept the risk of gambling, you may download these scripts:
"AutoMultiplyBTC.rar" and extract it. Then install each script on Tampermonkey >> "Add New Script"

Its password shall be given to those who are willing to pay 0.0003 BTC directly to my BTC Wallet Address:
and contact me for password via e-mail:
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